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Restaurant & Bar

At uferei, you can expect an unparalleled culinary experience. With a picturesque view of the Danube, you can indulge in extraordinary culinary delights. Our first-class cuisine and the inviting ambiance of uferei invite you to a special culinary journey. Learn more about our unique offerings and let uferei captivate you.

Opening hours uferei | Restaurant:

Monday - Friday | 11.30 am - 8.40 pm

Saturday | 11.30 am - 7.30 pm

Opening hours uferei | Bar:

Monday - Saturday | 9.00 am - 11.00 pm

Sunday | 9.00 am - 6.00 pm

Restaurant & Bar

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Local Flavors: Our Regional Promise

In our uferei restaurant in Linz, we cook with great passion to offer you an unforgettable dining experience. Our special pride: We are committed to the motto 'U99' and promise to source the main ingredients of our dishes from within a radius of a maximum of 99 kilometers. We firmly believe that quality and freshness are best obtained from nearby sources. Because a true dining experience is often closer than you think.

Terrace by the Danube River

Our terrace offers a beautiful view of the Danube. Enjoy your time outdoors with a picturesque backdrop right by the riverbank. Here, you can fully relish the tranquility and beauty of the Danube.

uferei Bar: Enjoyment by the Danube

In our Uferei Bar in Linz, a true passion for an unforgettable dining experience unfolds. Here, you'll find a wide selection of refreshing cocktails and drinks crafted with dedication by our skilled bartenders.