360° Meeting Rooms

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360° Meeting Rooms

We warmly welcome you to our virtual 360° tour of the conference rooms at ARCOTEL Nike in Linz! Here, you have the opportunity to gain detailed insights into our unique spaces without the need to be physically present.

Thanks to our virtual tour, you can explore our conference rooms, learn more about the various room concepts, and find the space that best suits your needs. Our flexible room solutions can accommodate groups of 8 to 220 people and can be easily customized.

Our event team is always available to assist you with any further inquiries:

Convention & Event Manager

 +43 732 7626-1100

360° Meeting Rooms

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Meeting Rooms Schubert/Clubraum

Variant Schubert 82m²

Six seating options for 30-100 people


Variant Clubraum 64m²

Six seating options for  24-70 people


Variant Schubert/Clubraum 146

Two seating options for 100-180 people


Meeting Room Boardroom

Room Boardroom 24,5m²

One seating option for up to 8 people



Meeting Room LISZT

Room Liszt 25

Four seating options for 10-20 people


Meeting Rooms Bruckner/Strauß/Mozart/Lehar

Variant Lehar 25m²

Four seating options for 10-20 people


Variant Mozart 55m²

Six seating options for 16-50 people


Variant Strauss 55m²

Six seating options for 14-50 people


Variant Bruckner 86

Six seating options for 25-80 people


Variant Bruckner/Strauss/Mozart/Lehar 221m²

Six seating options for 52-220 people